Email Template Error


While editing the ‘New Ticket Alert’ subject template, I get the following error:

“500 - Internal Error Occured, Please Contact Admin (Code: 203)”


Same here, started yesterday, I was working on email templates, cloned the default. Was configuring New Ticket Alerts, made changes throughout the day without issue and after lunch, the issue has persisted. Fully cleared Cache, used different browsers even logged in from different machines (even a fresh VM test that has never been used) Tried different email templates, separate notifications even tried HTML edit and deleted everything. Still trying to save a blank template (with no html at all) brings up error 500.

Something’s up on the database side…

500 - Internal Error Occured, Please Contact Admin (Code: 203)

Hello @braindead
We created a support ticket in your behalf to address your concern. Please feel free to reply at your convenience.

@Bootstrapper ,

Rest assured your report is included as well and was forwarded to our Developers for analysis and resolution.