Email with results from script/ procedure not working


This morning I tried to get an overview of some devices if Bitlocker was enabled or not.

I used the default ‘Get Bitlocker status of drives [Script]’ and checked that the results should be mailed to me.

I didn’t receive any mail.

Had to open all the log entries from all the devices manually.

All the scripts were executed successfully.

Am I missing something, or is the script incomplete?


Hi @ailan,

The script “Get Bitlocker Status of Drives” is written in a way that checks the drives and only prints the status, not sending the result in the mail.
We can modify the script to send mail but collecting all device’s results in a single report and sending is not possible with the current implementation.
We already have a feature request for it.

Kind Regards,

Hi @PremJkumar,

Thanks for the answer.

It’s not a problem if it’s not implemented and understandable. It would also suffice if an email with the results of each device was emailed so you don’t have to collect it through all the logs yourself.

But what I was trying to imply now is that if it was by design, omit the option to send the email, or put it in the comment:

For test purpose, I ran the procedure ‘Get physical disk drive information’ which has the same options.
But for that procedure I do get an email if it was finished successful or not. Also without the results.
So why not with the Bitlocker-script?

I only want to inform the scriptdesigners to be aware of this and be consequent and omit non-working options or put it in the comments.


Hi @ailan,

We have asked our script developer to check why the script log was not sent in the mail. We will get back to you.

Kind Regards,