Emails sent to 'ITarian Support Team' do not record. (

We are getting the error shown in the image below. This error repeats itself from time to time. Nothing has been changed on our end or in the Microsoft Azure portal login logs. There is also no error appearing in the Azure portal.
Currently, the e-mails I send to the support address seem to go to a blank space, there is no response and no record is created. I think the system has completely crashed and the support address is not working either.

Hi @sytech ,

We have asked our backend team to create a support ticket and investigate the issue.

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One issue with emails at the moment is that modern auth is not supported, and Microsoft is forcing this to all tenants meaning even if you have not made the change this could have been done and will break communication.

Support have a work around for this and I’m sure they will be in touch soon.