Employee Activity Tracking and Individual Remote Access.

With the increase of remote workers, we have been getting an increasing number of queries regarding Remote Access and Employee Activity Tracking.

Are there any plans to include an easier way of enabling remote access for a single user to a single machine, instead of a group?

Some of our clients have also been concerned with a “more than anticipated” drop in productivity of the newly minted remote workers and lack of overview of some of their staff activities. Are there any plans to include this functionality in the future?
Something similar to ActivTrack, although, does not have to be as comprehensive. A simple group and individual report of the total time apps/windows were in “focus” for the day/week/month, and the website(in cases where a web-browser is used) should satisfy most of our clients.

Response, please?

Hello @Hello-I-T & @amcssit

We have created a support ticket in regards to your report and will reach you via your forum registered email for further correspondence.

Hi Seth, appreciate your reply,

Is there any reason for the support ticket, instead of a reply in this thread? I’m sure we are not the only ones interested in this info? At the very least @amcssit would like some info on this as well. With your permission I would like to paste the response I got from support, here as an FYI for others.

Individual per-user/device remote permissions may be a longer dev process, but audit records/reports of user activity (sign-in/lock/unlock/sign-out) and device activity (off-line/on-line) - would be much appreciated in the meantime.