Encryption Feature

Does Antispam Gateway have encryption feature?

Hi libretech,

Dome Antispam supports TLS for encryption.

Feel free to check the datasheet from below link:


@bulut thanks!

If you mean email encryption then no, but as @bulut said there is TLS encryption for email transportation.

Hi libretech,

If you mean email encryption, it is the one of our planned features in our roadmap which will be developed in Q4 2018.


I actually meant both but Q4 is not too far away. Thanks!

Will Comodo be releasing disk or file encryption solution?

This topic is in the ASG sub-forum, @libretech. Are you referring to disk/file encryption in the C1 / ITSM platform?

Believe he is which is something else I have been talking about. I believe it is but not confirmed yet.

Any update?

Hello @libretech, we have asked our product team regarding on this feature. We will notify you as soon as we receive an update.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi , Encryption feature release date moved to April , 2019 , we will update you once it is available.

Dome Product Team

Thank you!

Thanks for the update!