Morning Guys!!!.

interested in thought on endpoint encryption.

Do you just use Bit locker or something else?

Cheers James.

For portable backup disks we Bitlocker,but as yet, do not encrypt any clients’ machine HDDs. We were expecting Comodo to offer the facility this year, but it has been put back unfortunately.

I was looking into VeraCrypt. Take a look at it and see what you guys think.

We used to use TrueCrypt but have not used anything since.
Having this built-in to the C1 MSP product set would be amazing.

VeraCrypt looks good, just a updated version of TrueCrypt. Would be good as this is OpenSource, if this could have a integration into the portal, and maybe give it a face lift to match the current suite. It much nicer to use good products instead of trying to create a product from scratch, saves money, trust in its abilities already exist and allows quicker release to market.

i agree we should integrate, pls put this in the voting section. thanks.

We will surely inform @ayhanepik about adding this ‘Endpoint Encryption’ feature to the Feature Voting page.

Dont seem to be able to vote anymore or add comments

@StrobeTech ,

We have tried casting votes on the Feature Voting page and so far we were able to do so (5 votes maximum). What additions do you wish to add? We can manually search for the Feature where you wish to add the comment and attach the request on your behalf.

Hello everyone,

The feature is added on the voting page. You could check and vote it!



Hi, how far off is complete system encryption with C1? We have a client who is interested in encrypting laptops?

Any news on this at all??
Please vote it up for me!