End points not showing up/ Displaying weird dates

Ok, this is ridiculous, I have endpoints not showing up on the Portal, Some or none at all showing up in Administration Console, and just one in Comodo Remote Control. I am also getting weird dates in the portal, for example, one of my clients PC’s last reboot time is displaying as February 7th, 2006…lol “7/02/06”… Come on guys now…really?? Funny thing is, I have a bench machine sitting right next to me that I have ITSM on for testing… it’s not showing up in any part of the RMM…lol

How can I as a business owner pitch MSP services with this platform, when at times I have to solve a clients issue by having them download an agent from another remote solution to fix a problem?

I can’t complain much because after all… this is a free platform. But how can I feel comfortable selling Comodo premium services if the base platform doesn’t even work half of the time?

@lscomputersystems You are not alone, although the time is a new one on me !!!

I don’t have a problem where endpoints don’t show AT ALL in the portal or CRC, have you the latest agent installed? and the latest CRC installed?

There is a wide spread problem where endpoints show offline even though they are reporting to ITSM, sometimes restarting the ITSMService on the endpoint will bring them back online.

Check the “About” right click the CCC icon, Check the “last communication time”

There are scripts that will do this for you via “procedures”.


ok, just checked some of my endpoints:

Reboot time 07:28 7/02/06 ???

Hello @lscomputersystems
Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. I also just noticed (like @dittoit ) the unusual reboot time shown on the OS Summary of the selected device. On mine it shows ‘14:28 7/02/06’.

Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we, in C1 Support, will work with our product development team to ensure the best possible response. After the team has reviewed your issue, we will pass along any additional updates.

Hi @lscomputersystems ,

We have been informed by our Development Team that this case will be fixed on the next release date (21st of October).

Is the issue with endpoints not showing up going to be fixed in the release also? I still have endpoints that don’t show up in C1 Portal but show up in remote control…lol

Hello @lscomputersystems ,

Here`s the link for our October Release (10/21/2017)

On the other hand, we already updated the support ticket for this concern and we`ll
update you as soon as we can.

Kind Regards,