Endpoint Connection Status


I’m just getting started with ITSM. I have deployed a few clients (~30). All the endpoints have a status of ‘slow connection’ with the blue circle. I don’t think this is ISP related. Could my firewall be causing the slow down but still giving me a connection?


Hello @Bootstrapper
You are on the right track with your observations. The ‘blue’ online status indicator means that the endpoint can communicate with the ITSM server but remote access (with the Comodo Remote Control or CRC) will not be possible. A setting in the endpoint’s local network is interfering with this communication. Most of the time, this is the local firewall (router or on the endpoint itself) that is the culprit.

One test you can run on the endpoint’s side is the following: telnet xmpp.cmdm.comodo.com 443

If the above telnet command fails to establish a connection, then you will need to check where it is being blocked in the network.