Endpoint Manager 8.4 Connecting To Server

I have Endpoint Manager 8.4.48120.23120 installed it on a Mac with Sonoma 14.2.1, all it does says connecting to server. I can connect to the Mac via VNC, or pick it up and its connected to the internet. Is this connection issue on my end?

Thank you.

Please make sure you have all ports to our service open: -

US Tenant

EU Tenant

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Thank you for the info. I will look again, but I had it set to bypass the vpn. The firewall on the Mac is off. There is no antivirus on this unit. There should be nothing blocking it.

Something that also might be worth reading and looking at it this

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Thank you for the info! Now that’s it’s finally Friday, I can start tinkering with this more. I will give an update if I get something.

Thank you again everyone!

I removed it from the laptop. I threw up the white flag…lol This was for my personal use anyway, so no loss… I know that my router has it blocked somehow, 2 days later I need to move foreword with life…lol

Thank you everyone for the help, and reading:)