Endpoint Manager Chocolatey Deployment Package

Hey Folks,

Has anyone created a Chocolatey deployment package for ITarian Endpoint Manager? We are currently running two (2) RMM applications to manage customer endpoints. I’d like to be able to deploy ITarian via Chocolatey, so I thought I would see if someone has already done the heavy lifting of getting the package created.

Thanks much in advance! Cheers…



The easy way to create a prcedure and use/clone the generic run a “powershell script” or download/import https://scripts.itarian.com/frontend…ershell-script and in between the quote marks afer ps_content=r’’’ use the command choco recommends.

eg like this at the start of the script.

# Install Chocolatey


iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(“https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1”))


import os

The only thing to note is that the system needs an explorer restart before you can then issue the installer commands - either from the same powershell or run cmd script.


# Restart Explorer


stop-process -name explorer -force
Write-Host “Explorer Restarted”


import os

then follow up with

# Install Software via Chocolatey

Install apps and software via chocolatly, list here https://chocolatey.org/packages.

Will not run if chocy was not installed proir

Use # to ignore/skip package


choco install firefox -fy

choco install googlechrome -fy
choco install adobereader -fy
choco install anydesk.install -fy
choco install googleearthpro -fy
choco install greenshot -fy
choco install 7zip -fy
choco install zoom -fy
choco install imageresizerapp -fy

Write-Host “Software Installed?”


import os

For non-domain joined systems I actually nest or combine several power shells as my onboarding SOE setup.
It’s fairly long currently 569 lines including a lot of blanks just to read easier.
It could be reduced in the lines and the amount of powershells used but works for me, onboard with local admin/pw added, screen/power settings, num lock on, choco installed, restart explorer so the script can then install all packages I need, then it adds wifi profiles if needed - handy for bench run ups, download a few specific apps and install such as a synology backup agent preconfigured (can do via choco if needed) last is patch/updates and finally a restart.

This procedure is added to my profile so on first installing the agent off if fires and most of the work is done.
Some profiles also have site specific procedures added as well.

Like I said bit messy to start with but works for me.


Very interesting thank you for sharing. I also use 2 RMMs especially for patch management because one rmm finds patches that other rmm doesnt find and viceversa. Also I noted that runnig the powershell command get-windowsupdate on endpoints shows updates that itarian doesn’t show, in particular drivers updates maybe because they are not mandatory patches?