Endpoint manager customisations to layout..

I’m sure everyone has their own preferences for listing their devices within the Itarian RMM platform…

For example I prefer to have as many endpoints as possible shown in the device list… and listed in alphabetical order depending on their owner.

A simple thing to do, but gets a bit of a pain doing it every time I log in… Just wondering if there is any way to save these preferences ?? (would be real handy)

@Ed_Johnson ,

It is indeed a good feature to have on the portal. Currently, the sorting process refreshes after you relaunch the EM POrtal. We have an existing requesting specific request to our Development and we will make sure to get you added on the improvement request.

Liking the idea, and also this needs to be per technician as well.

Something I personally think is that devices should not show until you select a company meaning the base RMM loads faster.