Endpoint Manager Mac Server status Pending...


In C1 portal i see most off my Mac Clients show up as Blue (Connected) instead green, and i can’t connect to them with Remote Control.

I also notice that de EndPoint Manager on the client has the Server status pending. (I can connect with TeamViewer) so its OnLine.

In C1 portal the Endpoint Manager is v. 6.27.24066.19040 but on the client its 6.2826240.1906 what is pending for the server… I also see there is some communication in C1 portal because the last Connection Date and time is changing…

Im running Mojave on the Client side and Enpoint Manager is added to Security and Privacy to have Full control.

Any idea’s?

Tested port 443 with telnet and its open…

Removed it from C1 and removed EPM from client and reinstalled…noticed that the Endpoint Manager is updated in Profiles on the Mac but still stays Pending… in C1 i have it back again and still Blue

Hi @Itarian_FAN ,

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We’ve created a support ticket about your concern.
Please respond to the email we’ve sent you so we can assist you with your concern.

Thank you.

Thank you, it looks like something is crashing… we will try to collect the logfiles as required for further investigation

*** Solved***

Looks like the problem has something todo with the MDM Certificate installed in Profiles, (which need to be aproved) and with the new Advanced security features after updating Mojave. The Communication Client should have Full Acces Rights in Privacy and Accessibility to update or remove the certificate and updating the security profiles in C1. If you try to remove it when a std user is logged in, en you got prompt for the administrator account… then it wil not be completely removed. You need to be logged in as the Administrator. Sometimes you need to remove the Certificate first, then delete Communication Client and then enroll it again, remove it and enroll it again to get it to work. Good Luck