Endpoint Monitoring Issues

hey all

Anyone else experiencing issues where the monitoring works either when it wants to or not at all?
I set up monitoring to send alerts when certain events occur using the pre-defined scripts.
it worked perfectly the first few times but i noticed it skipped a few events that i forced to test. not one of the monitoring works at all now and i have no way of checking the logs to begin my investigations. if anyone has come across this issue and knows a way to assist i would be most grateful. Ive logged a support case with Itarian and i dont have faith in that getting resolved since none of my support calls were ever resolved. hopefully the community has some insight?

Kind regards

maybe this is your case, will be resolved in the september update:


Hi @stefanoradam

I see you have the same issue as me. Thanks for the update. i will wait for the september update then.

hi @stefanoradam

Have you noticed any improvement with the monitoring services after the update?
I still am not receiving any notifications only failed procedures


Hello @Realming_Grape,

Feel free to send an email to support@itarian.com to further investigate the issue that you are dealing with the monitoring. Thank you

Hi @Samuel_C

Ive sent emails to Support@itarian.com regarding this 3 weeks ago and i havent received any replies and have not received any resolution to other issues ive experienced in the past. so i figured best to ask the community as they might have have had these issues before

Hello @Realming_Grape , I`ve sent you a private message regarding your concern.
Please feel free to reply at your convenience.


hi @Jay

Have you had any feedback after I mailed you? I got some feedback from an engineer but their suggestion was to only change the monitoring time and said that the service (ITSM) needs time to start. this doesn’t help as the other monitoring scripts don’t work at all either and he was only referring to one script I am using to monitor if a server is rebooted. Ive tried to reinstall the endpoint and test and it still doesn’t work. Basically, this program is unable to automatically create tickets at all. is there a way to pull the logs to view and troubleshoot on my end as support is not supporting much. look forward to finding a solution soon

i’m late, sorry… after the september update my Monitors and Alerts are all OK.
I have confirmed to the support team the resolution of the problem.

Hi @Jay

This software doesnt work at all. for some reason Itarian is just a list of what updates are pending, cant install them correctly and cannot report on events and cannot log tickets automatically. Support doesnt help in any way. ive had this monitoring issue open since August, and I Finally got some feedback, Please see below as this is the height of terrible support.

Our back-end has checked Event ID monitor functionality and it works as expected. We suspect that there are special conditions in your environment.

ITarian Support"

Im not exactly sure what i must do with that information. one month and thats all i have to work with.

Hi @Realming_Grape ,

We can have our ITarian support agents to reach your over phone and remotely work to check your existing problems. I request you to share your contact number and time frame to support@itarian.com so that our Support Team will reach you to assist you further.

Hi @Arun_Sevugamoorthy

I am deleting all Itarian from my network as its been 3 months and i have emailed your support team countless times regarding this same issue.
your product doesnt work at all for me and your support team cant Support. i would suggest to everyone to steer away from this product to save headaches.
good luck


Hi @Realming_Grape ,

We completely understand and we are always here to assist you with your queries with complete satisfaction. We Tried to reach you +27 11 367 9xxxx to learn more about your issue and to help remotely but did not help. Our ITarian Team will try to reach you in few minutes to help you with the problem.


as discussed on the phone, I deleted this product as you are not here to assist at all. 3 months for a support call. I kept emailing Support@itarian.com and received no response, for 3 months. So Please explain to me what the point is of telling users to continuously log the call with your support team if they don’t respond, I think its to divert complaints from your forums.
only now you try to call when ive completely removed it from my network. your ‘team’ tries to make us look like the idiots, but if I go through the forums, its not only me experiencing the issues.
Supports says everything is working on their end, but its the users that matter right? nothing more Irritating than developers saying “But it works on my PC”.
will never go back to Itarian.

So sad to hear this

@jong21 ,

Please let us know if you face the same issues. We’ll try to get it addressed and reach out to you as soon as we can.

same with me

@jong21 ,

We have created a support ticket to investigate your report. Please provide as many details on the ticket and as well as your registered portal account so we can look deeper into the issue.