endpoint problems with 100% cpu

good afternoon. I am facing endpoint problems with 100% cpu consumption problems, being necessary to remove the comfortable secturity, for the system to normalize. In other cases, the network board stops working.

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One of our Itarian support team will reach you using your email. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi @cooperbr , we have created a support ticket for this issue and you would have received an email regarding it. Kindly reply to the ticket so we can continue to check this issue further.

HI, how was this resolved?

Hi @nct,

We still didn’t receive the requested details from the customer to investigate the issue. If you also face a similar issue, please let us know.

@cooperbr, please reply to our support mail with details created to solve the issue.

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in the last days a couple of customers highlighted problems with 100% cpu caused by win10 host process.
In both cases win10 1903.
I upgraded win10 to 1909 and then installed the last updates and…
problem gone!

@stefanoradam ,

We are glad to hear from your report. :slight_smile:

We often find machines requiring a reboot after MS updates have installed or where updates are waiting to install after downloading, run slowly.