Endpoint Report

Hi all,

is there a way to create a report that would show ALL endpoint e.g.

Group Name
Device Name - Install Date - Services (AG, AV, FW, CO, EDR, Acronis, ect.)
Total Devices for Group
Total Devices for Client

Total Clients and Total Devices.

This report would be very helpful, and if it could be scredual it would be even better.


A report like this would be useful, but I don’t think it is possible, although for well over a year, we have been told improved reporting is in the pipeline.

Hello nct , rudym12 ,

We were working on a reporting tool which is covering lots of reports that you needed. We are very close to release our reporting tools. As a first step it will contains below reports and we will continue to add new ones. I will keep you updated about the exact release date.

1- Hardware Inventory Report
2-Antivirus History Report
3-Issue Report
4-Risk Report
5-Patch History Report
6-Executive Summary Report

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Thanks, @Elif Ayhan Kurt . Time scales?

@Elif Ayhan Kurt will this allow us to produce audits per customer of software installed yet? We’ve been waiting too long for this feature. Thanks.

Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but from within the portal > Device Management (viewing all) you can export all devices to a CSV. There’s a lot of information about each device and you can sort as needed.

Great stuff coming… also need a report that shows the Windows 10 build number of all machines at a Customer location.

Thank you!


@invisikcorp ,

A good suggestion indeed. We will forward your request to our Development Team for analysis and provide you an update once they have provided an update.