Endpoint Security- Hotfix for Comodo Client Security 2019-03-14

Hello everyone,

We would like to inform you that we will have a hotfix over Comodo Client Security on today(2019-03-14) in the morning. Hotfix will be released for below items:

  • Fixed the incompatibility issues of CCS Diagnostics which was observed during the upgrade of the CCS agent
  • Fixed the performance issues on Windows Servers
Thanks for your understanding Regards Can Colak, Product Manager Endpoint Security Comodo ONE

HI @Can , thanks for the post, and I appreciate it is a hotfix, but please could you post about hotfixes on the status page too when released.

So do we have to install this fix manually on each endpoint or will it be handled by CCS updates?

Hi Can

This kind of late release is really concerning and massively disruptive to users.

Before you release anything of this nature you need to provide warning via the C1 portal so we can shedule technical resource to deal with the fall out. The detail you have provided is inadequate, we need to understand the specifics of the issues and fixes so we can decide if the issue is urgent to us.

As a result of this change most of our devices are now stitting with an at risk status, they need a reboot. This is caused as recent versions of CCS require 2 reboots to complete their installation and become operational so in effect you now have most of our desktop in an unprotected state. We have only just completed geeting to all workstations since the last release.

Given that the thrust of this release was around diagnostics (infrequently used) and server performance (requires a planned release) there appears to be little benefit in pushing this release without warning.

Please can Comodo start to work with us rather than against us?



Hi Gary, I appreciate your feedback and we will definitely improve the hotfix release process and its content with the product team by considering your and @nct’s comments.

About the scope of this release, although it was basically triggered on CCS Diagnostics, that defect had effects on upgrading process and post-installation as well. So, the need for hotfix has been decided by taking all these aspects into account. Yet, you are right about the notifications as I mentioned above.

Thanks for you understanding,


Hello @Ed_Johnson ,

They will be handled automatically based on the updating settings in associated EM profiles. Unless auto-update is enabled in the profiles, you will need to handle them manually.


Just did a test update of CCS and notice I can now override the profile and disable the firewall etc on client devices directly without it switching back on almost immediately. Not complaining as there wasnt really an easy way top do it before. Is this by design and part of the intended hotfix? (the 15min selection equates to about 5mins in reality but it’s long enough to do most tests).

Thanks for the release team!!!

So far this has been received well by our clients which we have pushed it out to, but it is early days still.

On the front of updates, we our glad you have produced some mid-term hotfixes as they really were needed; and being honest we as MSPs should be looking out for these a little more as well as selecting proper schedules for updates and not just the daily option that is default.