Endpoint Security Manager 3.4 is available!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that we released Endpoint Security Manager 3.4.

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) 3.4 software brings seven layers of defense - antivirus, firewall, web URL filtering, host intrusion prevention, auto-sandbox (containment), file reputation, and virus scope (behavioral analyzer) – together under a single offering for customers of all sizes, to protect them from both known and unknown threats.

What is New:

  • New “Dashboard” where admin would be able to see every important metric immediately
  • New default profiles together with default groups for easy onboarding process
  • New reports for more insight about AV database updates and scans
  • Sandbox history view would show which unknown applications runs or ran inside sandbox
  • Back-end improvements for more robust and faster server
  • Introduced local cache proxy for bandwidth optimization on network
  • Out of box Windows 10 Support
  • NEW file intelligence service for enterprises where they can submit their unknowns to Comodo and we would provide detailed analyses report to them with a verdict. This would be only available to Enterprise customers with Premium License.

What is Improved:

  • CES upgrade process becomes seamless with better user experience
  • Log structure is improved for easier SIEM integration and better data visualization for admins
  • New competitor product versions to be uninstalled added
  • ESM will override the settings even if the user changes anything on endpoint and make it incompliant
  • Policy templates and brief descriptions enriched
  • Path info about unknown files on global list
  • Current agent version and component list on deployment screen
  • Added more informative data to other forms as well
  • Endpoint infections shown more user friendly

You can get the a trial license from below link and start using it.


PS: Few Screen shots attached

Best regards,

excellent work guys! Containment technology is the future of how to prevent infection!

Can I test the CESM with the same account I could have on Comodo One?

@axatech ,

same devices cannot be managed. The main reason is that it’ll cause a communication issue and there’s no way to sync them with Comodo One.

Hi @Jimmy

What I meant is using the same comodo one account to test the CESM standalone version (virtualized), try it deeply, create like a test demo and then be able to propose to a lead. I am following a lead that tend to use a non-Managed scenario and want to have something that He used to use before, ex: ERA from Est.

I clicked the trial link on Comodo URL but it heads me to Comodo One. How can I do to be able to deploy such scenario?, Can I do it with an account using a different email on from my same domain?.

Hi @axatech
We would like to clarify some things you mentioned in your post as we want to make sure that we do understand what you are trying to achieve here.

  • You plan to create a virtualized copy of CESM and deploy it (instead of the usual CCS) to a select number of devices of your client that prefers them to be independent of a ‘central command’ (decentralized). Is that correct?

  • Deploying a virtualized app will follow the same format as installing custom third party applications. You can use an ‘install’ script from scripts.comodo.com.

  • You can use a different email with the same domain as long as that email has not been added in an existing C1 account.


Ok, I will. Thanks.

I will start testing on our VMware virtual Server, install the CESM (trial) and expose it to the lead.