Endpoints gone

Good day,
How do I get back my endpoints? devices under RMM, policies status and everything is ok, but no devices showing up

Hello @Imhotep ,

What is the Comodo One module in which the devices are offline?

Hello @Imhotep

Thank you for the details. From the screenshot it seems that you are not seeing any devices in the RMM Console. FOr a first step, would you please download a fresh installer and reinstall the console please? Please let us know the outcome so we may advise you further.

Thank you.

I did that already.

Hello @Imhotep,

We will need to escalate this to our development team in order to check what happened with the RMM Enrolled devices for your account.
I will send you an email in a few moments to confirm that we are looking at the right C1 account.

Ok thanks, I would check it out and submit the logs

Topic is moved to RMM section.

Good day,
I’m not able to edit the config file, how do I run with elevated privileges?

Hello @Imhotep ,

Please open Notepad with elevated privileges (Run as Admin), go to File, Open, browse to C\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service or to C\Program Files\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service (depending on the platform) and choose dbg_config.ini.
Change Level=7 to Level=15 and change Mode=2 to Mode=3.
Save the file.

Please provide the collected logs in a reply to the email we have sent you on May 4th.

Hello @Imhotep

Thank you for these logs. were the Agent logs not available or you don’t have access to the endpoints at the moment?

Looking forward to your reply.

It’s not available, wasn’t seeing the directory, concerning the endpoints…only newly added endpoints I’m seeing.

Hello @Imhotep
Thank you for the update. I will update the team and we will get back to you when we have more information.

Hello @Imhotep ,

We will need to take a look remotely on one of the affected endpoints, if that is at all possible.
In order to schedule the intervention, to better track this case and your replies and the information you have submitted please reply to the email I have just sent you.