Endpoints Offline in Remote Control (Desktop App) BUT Online in ITSM Portal (Website)

Any reason why this would be happening?

Endpoints Offline in Remote Control (Desktop App) BUT Online in ITSM Portal (Website)

Can connect to EndPoint if I launch from ITSM Portal.

Restart of EndPoint does not help status in Desktop App.

Restart of Remote Control (Desktop App) on Any Technician PC does not help status either.

Please Advise, Thank You.

Hello @azon2111,

Online/offline status is base on connection to XMPP.

May we request for you to please check your XMPP connection between RControl.exe application and XMPP server via Tcpview.exe utility: TCPView for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn
(see attached screenshot)

Check if sent and received packets appear and connection with XMPP server is stable (not terminating in time)
Our XMPP servers addresses are,,

Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

HI @Anna_C not sure why this matters if portal and desktop app both use XMPP for determining online status?? What’s the difference in the portal and desktop app for online status?

Follow up - Not all clients show offline just some do, this issue is something with desktop app in my opinion not XMPP since portal sees them online and desktop app is seeing them offline and my guess is that you would use the same servers for both the portal and app


We’ll send you a support ticket to assist you further on your concern.

I have this issue as well and regularly. Some clients will be fine others will be offline even though they aren’t. There is no firewall on the any computer. If I restart the computer trying to initiate the session then they will show up as online. Its getting kind of annoying and bothersome to the point I’m looking at getting away from using that feature.

@labpuppy ,

We have created a support ticket to assist you further in this report. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.

Hi @Jimmy , this issue is randomly back again, online in ITSM web portal but offline in the desktop app. Any thoughts?

@azon2111 ,

Any recent changes with your network infrastructure? Where is your portal hosted? EU or US? What is the current version of your remote tool?

We do have the same problem. After half an hour some endpoints show up in the desktop app, but connecting fails in most of the times. This is with different networks/locations. Sometimes running the “Restart the Communication Client Script” helps, but not always.

It’s a complete random error.

Hello @datatainment

We have created a ticket for you to further investigate the issue.

With best regards

We are still experiencing the same symptoms too. Today is pretty good but last night was bad, 8pm-1am Eastern Time (UTC -4) then I called it quits, just letting you know it’s not just 1 person seeing these issues still.

Hi @azon2111 ,

Please respond the the ticket created on your behalf so our support team can assist you in resolving the issue.

Thank you.

Stop creating tickets and help here in the forum.

It took now 17 Minutes to get the online list in the remote control app.

@datatainment ,

Possible reasons for remote issues would be blocked IPs and ports by a network firewall, Portal Server assignment (account set up on incorrect server instance / US UK), Third-Party Security Softwares, incompatible OS environments, and least would be network connectivity. There might be other possible reasons too why remote connections might fail multiple times or not even progress at all. These latter ones would require log gathering from the affected device and other private information from the portal account that can only be collected privily through a support ticket.