Endpoints rebooting multiple time time due to ITSM

Who else is experiencing endpoints rebooting multiple times due to the Comodo update? This has only started today. @Ilker / @itsmsupport any feedback, please?

@nct This issue might be caused by an old scheduled task that was unable to execute that was ending in a system crash causing the device to reboot.

As a workaround, deleting the device from the ITSM console with the options checked “Uninstall Comodo Client - Security” and “Uninstall Comodo Client - Communication”, deleting all tasks in Task Scheduler and reinstalling CCS & CCC seems to fix the issue.

We will keep the ticket open until you confirm.

In between, if you have additional questions regarding Comodo One, please do not hesitate to contact us.


My colleague spoke to support and deleting and reinstalling was the solution, but I doubt it relates to old tasks, as at least one of the endpoints is a new installation from a couple of weeks ago.

@nct I’m assuming that the endpoints are running on the Windows platform. Have you checked the Event Viewer logs on the affected PCs to find any STOP codes (if they crashed) or any process that could have triggered the PC reboot?

It was my colleague who dealt with support and ticket number is [#IDS-689-35699]:

@nct Are the end points are still restarting even after performing troubleshooting with our support team?

No, that resolves the issue.I’m gathering diagnostics at the moment. Any other MSPs experiencing this issue, too?

The issue is not resolved, @Damon C , but we have now found what steps need to be taken to remove Comodo and tasks before reinstalling to resolve on each endpoint.

On each endpoint??? This seems like a lot of overhead, what if we had this issue with a couple hundred endpoints, or more??? This really seems like something that I hope they take into consideration before the next release…

@BOSS It’s not on every endpoint which has upgraded, just some, and I’m working with the guys in support to try and narrow it down further.

I’ve not got this issue on 2 machines out of 600+. I’m probably going to open a ticket as well with our support team. Looks like the last update (Feb 25) is what did it.

I’m hoping to avoid reinstalling this on more machines if it begins to happen on more machines.

@nct did the removal and reinstall for the ones you have issues with help on those machines or did it start back up?

@zabolyx Removal and re-installation helped, please speak to support they are aware of the issue on my ticket [#IDS-689-35699]