Endpoints show offline, but are on and accessible with other tools.

Some, endpoints are showing offline, with the remote control tool, and in the device manager dashboard. Both are OSX and Windows machines.
The client machines are verified on, and accessible directly or with other tools.

These clients were displaying online in the device manager and on the remote control prior to maybe a reboot? But im not sure, clients are just starting to go offline.
The same missing machines are still on, and accessible via RDP, teamviewer, or Meraki MDM.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @miker1000,

We have created a support ticket for you so we can gather more information about the issue that you experiencing. We have sent an email to your forum registered email address.
We look forward to your reply.

Good day!

in my experience sometimes the Remote Control Application needs a restart,
expecially when since is open for a long time
it seems to lose some sync with the dashboard status.

I noticed this too, and tried it first, with no luck.

However, restarting the ITSM service, or the windows machine, did solve the problem.
Also same for rebooting the apple devices fixing the problem.

Support emailed me shortly after I made this post to give me troubleshooting tips. Great support!

@miker1000 You’re welcome and we’re glad that the issue was fixed.
@stefanoradam Are you still experiencing this issue as of the moment?

No, just sometime,
let’s say one time a week.

@stefanoradam we will be contacting you thru a support ticket using your registered forum email address.