Enrolment emails not received

I am testing RMM and in my tests I never receive enrolment emails. There is nothing in spam either which I have tested with 2 GMail accounts and 1 Office 365 account. Is there some sort of configuration required to get enrolment emails to send?

Hi @cmdln

I would like to clarify if you’re referring to device enrollment emails? You will only received a device enrollment mail after administrator has added your device. This will contain a link to device enrollment page, which will allow you to download and install the iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS X software appropriate for your device.

Yes Jordan, I do mean device enrollment emails. I do this by going to Dashboard > Overview > Add new device. I enter the user name (Added earlier from Application > RMM > Users) then select “Email enrolment instructions”. The result is always successful, but I never see the emails at the GMail addresses or O365 address?

Hi @cmdln
Thank you for the clarification. We also received reports of other users unable to properly enroll new devices. In line of this, we are creating a support ticket for your concern. Other details will be discussed through email and any requested info from your side will be forwarded to our Product Development team.

By the way, as an alternative way of enrolling devices, you may try to ‘Add New Device’ (from the Quick Actions) and choose ‘Show Enrollment Instructions’. This will give you a list of methods to enroll a device based on the OS platform.