Enterprise Anti-Spam product for FREE.....


Full featured, amazing quality enterprise level antispam product for free.

Please tell us if we can improve it in any way for you guys.

I hope this means CASG isn’t going away. My customers are more and more moving to O365 so I like cloud-based filtering personally.

As @indieserve mentioned a product for purely hosted O365 would be really useful. Something like TrendMicro’s Cloud Hosted Security. Trends products incredibly simple to setup (you give it an admin account and it self provisions everything). All O365 products, including email, OneDrive files etc get filtered. It fills in functionality that MS is missing for spam and AV detection and attachment type filtering.

Nooooo…CASG is here to stay and getting stronger and stronger. Its the hosted version. What we are giving away free is a much better version than spamassassin for people who use it. Its a software application that you install into your server and run. Its a very high quality antispam system for enterprise and for free…

Internesting system, but does not look great.
Seems like it is a customer Baruwa skin and Spamassassin with your AV added. We used to use this ourselves and followed this guide to get it working https://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-spamsnake-ubuntu-jeos-12.04-lts-precise-pangolin

Move have been moved to MailCleaner 2014.10 for ages and have been looking only because the new release has been taking an age to get here… But checking recently I see the latest version is here and available; and to top it off it is now on GitHub.

Maybe this is a good platform to start and expand on instead of older tech?

Does this, or will this, fall part of the Comodo One suite and be run ‘cloud based’ or is it ‘on premise’ only?

Hi @curatrix_pl
The Comodo Korumail is not part of the Comodo ONE suite. More information about it can be found in the following link: Geting started with Comodo Korumail

have you tested its detection capability vs other?
Also did you know it would stop infections that comes via email?
“does not look great” can you pls expand on it? Is it the functionality if so which one?
or is it the looks?

thank you for your feedback.

Hi, tring to install this but i keep getting errors. the admin notes are very poor, any help?

I am trying to install using Virtual Box, is this supported, the final goal is to upload the VHD to azure.
I see Hyper-V is supported.

Yes all working under Hyper-V. now lets see if i can get it working in Azure :slight_smile:

whatever you need…our guys are here to help…would love to hear your feedback on the “detection ratio” please if you could…

Hi @melih , i have it runing in Azure, i could do with a support call taking me through the functions, making sure this are setup correctly ETC.

@dittoit please send us an email to asgsupport@comodo.com regarding with your KoruMail Messaging Gateway concerns. So we can make a schedule for a support call to provide a walk through on the functions.

our guys on it…pls do get in touch if you need anything else though. Its pretty neat product and i don’t get spam :slight_smile:

Hi @dittoit ,

I sent an email to you regarding to your support request about Korumail in Azure. We would like to help you about it, please reply my suggestions in mail for investigating the cause of your issue to solve it.



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Hi @melih

Sorry I missed the beta program the other night.
With this the issues without doing testing and just looking at the documentation at present is that the interface for reporting, diagnosing faults etc looks too basic.

Functionality looks the same from what I can tell expect that you might have improved detection due to your own AV and lists being added.