Error: Antivirus base need update

Why we need press Update every time? Why antivirus dont do it itself?

Hello @Sergey

It does do it automatically. The Antivirus Database Updates are done several times a day and most of the updates are incremental (which means that it only adds the newly created signatures). Once quite a few of them are gathered, the AV Database version is also updated.
There are also program updates, which can be configured from the Profile that you have applied:…-Settings.html

Why antivirus downloading from your server with old databases? Newly installed antivirus already old. Why?

Hello @Sergey

I am sorry but I do not completely understand the questions. But I can tell you this, When you install the CCS, it will download an AV Database because it does not have one.
In ITSM you do have the option to download it with the AV Database, but if the version changes from the moment you download it and when you actually install it on a machine, then the verification will find the program as outdated and update it.


We have database updates almost 4-6 times a day with new detections and signatures. That is why it wouldn’t be up to date when you create a package. However, once you have the initial package, additional updates are few KB in size and automatic. You don’t need to worry about it.

First was installed ITSM agent. Later (in few days) by command from ITSM interface was installed Security agent. And after install antivirus shows X red icon.

Hello @Sergey ,

Initial database is included only with the bulk installation package (if you select that particular option).
From what we understand, you did not install CCS using the bulk installation package, but instead you pushed it from the ITSM Console.

Also, it would automatically download and install in a few hours of installation even if you don’t take any action.

Ok, I waited 30 minutes and writed this post :slight_smile:

Hello @Sergey ,

CCS Auto updates the virus definitions database by default:

  • at system startup
  • once every hour
  • before a Full Scan
  • before a Quick Scan

It does all of these through Windows Task Scheduler. These are Scheduled Tasks. If we are dealing with a case where updates are not triggered we are either dealing with a faulty CCS installation or with a malfunction of the Windows Task Scheduler service.

Please let us know what did not work for you. Was the update not triggered? Or was it triggered but it failed?