Error opening Ticket - Administrator - Service Desk does not have logs

Guys, after some customizations I can no longer make the opening of tickets online.
I am as an administrator, but I tried with several users and the ticket just does not open.
The strange thing is that there is no mistake.
After filling the fields I click on the “open” button and nothing happens

I searched and did not find any log regarding the Service Desk.

I believe there may be some error in the form or some configuration that we have altered.

But the tool does not show any errors! Simply the “open” button has no action at all.

Has anyone been through this?

Hello @skills,

We appreciate for bringing the issue to our attention. Have you tried clearing cache/cookies, a browser extension that might interfere with the website, or using a different browser to access SD? We have created a support ticket as well to gather additional information to investigate this matter. Please feel free to respond to the support ticket. Thank you

I tried several browsers.
I also tried different computers.

Nothing works and the symptom is the same.

And the tricky part is that the Service Desk portion does not offer any form of Debug or Logs. At least I don’t know him.

Hello @skills,

We appreciate the additional information. You may check your email for the created support ticket for this matter. Looking forward to your response to the support ticket together with the requested information to further investigate your issue with the Service Desk. Thank you

I have the same issue, I have emailed to support, but there is no answer.

@serinformatica ,

We apologize to hear that you are experiencing the same issue as reported by @skills though he did mentioned he was able to access now. We have tried locating the support ticket you’ve sent and found 3 support tickets concerning Comodo AntiSpam Gateway. We will create a follow ticket for you via support email coming from Can you please verify as well if the issue persists?

This is certainly a serious problem.
We still have few open tickets, but wondered if our company was operating 100% with the Comodo Service Desk?

Surely we would have financial losses.
I hope Comodo will understand and resolve this as soon as possible.

And also add some kind of LOG. Or some validation error on the ticket opening button.


@skills ,

We are urgently coordinating with our Development team to determine whether an underlying issue is occurring with the Service Desk module. You can rest assured we’ll pass any updates as soon as possible. Thank you

Hello @skills,

Good day and we hope that you are doing okay. We were informed that the fix version for the issue “Error opening Ticket - Administrator” and “Service Desk does not have logs” will be released on Saturday, 3rd of March, 2018. Thank you