Error trying to add unix agent

Using the old RMM Patch Management module im getting an error trying to add a unix agent, i get 502 bad gateway response. This happens all all the unix machines i try it on.

Any suggestions? Is there a problem with

Hi @Joners
Our apologies for the late reply. Patch Management is loading normally (based on my tests). As of this posting, are you still having issue with the Patch Management on your side?

So i had a look at the ‘old’ RMM patch management client available to MSP’s and compared it to the one in ITSM.

OMG… why are you getting rid of the existing Patch Management! Its amazing in comparison to the one in ITSM, and it responds!

We will have exactly same functionality in the new ones…
But the new one is built on a scalable platform that will allow us to scale this baby to next level…
Don’t worry…all the features will be there…:slight_smile: