Error uploading enterprise app

I am trying to upload an enterprise app via → Application Store → IOS – Add Enterprise Application

I fill out all the field, add the .ipa file and then click “Save”.

I immediately get an error even though every field is filled in as required.

I then hit the “Save” button again and it looks like its doing “something” because of the three circles that appear in the web browser scree, but it never changes.

My enterprise app is only 640 MB and i can let it run for hours and it never completes the “save” process.

I even tried using Firefox, or IE and Edge on my windows PC but the same type of result.

Always an error the first time I click save, but it never says what the error actually is. Then if I immediately click save again, it looks like its doing something, but nothing actually happens.

What is causing this? How can we fix it?

We will be creating a support ticket for your concern as we may provide a suggestion that will likely need some sensitive information from you. Please do reply at your convenience.