error with Run System Cleanup

I am getting this error when I run the “Run system Cleanup” script on a Windows XP:

Traceback (most recent call last): File “<string>”, line 3, in <module> File “C:\Program Files\COMODO\Comodo ITSM\lib\”, line 425, in getitem return[key.upper()] KeyError: ‘PROGRAMDATA’

Hai @reinamsp ,

We will analyze this script and update you once the error is rectified .

Thank You

Hi @reinamsp

The given script works only on Windows 7 and above platform.

Thank you

thank you I will make a note of it. Can it be possible to have a version of this script work for winxp?

Hi @reinamsp

we will update you once the script has been completed.
Thank you

Hi @reinamsp

We have completed the script.
please refer the below JSON file to achieve your need.


Let me know your feedback.

Thank you

20180711-Run-System-CleanUp-for-XP-machine.json (6.1 KB)

Just tested it out and it works perfect! Thank you!

@reinamsp ,

We are glad that our suggestion worked for you.