Every MSP must have an Account Manager as your Point of Contact for Itarian

Hi Everyone
We are now making sure every MSP gets their US or UK based account managers assigned to them. These account managers will always be your point of contact for the company.
If you haven’t got one please ping me to make we appoint one asap.


I please want to know who my account manager is.

Isn’t it also possible for you adapt the site to state it in the ‘Partner’ settings in the managent console for everyone?


I never knew you even had account managers for all msp’s, assumed that it was only kicked in after a client/license count was reached.

I’m in AU do we get any contacts?


Hi guys! I am Karla, the MSP Account Manager. If you need any help, I am available to assist with questions or issues. I work closely with our support and development teams which are striving to give you the best experience so we can work together for many years to come. Please feel free to reach out at any time. Look forward to chatting.