Execution Status and cancellation of requesting an action on a remote device

Is there any place to see the status and/or cancel/modify a request sent to a managed device? I assume there’s a log somewhere to be able to view all sent requests (say I have a few other techs working on some devices), and I want to see what they’ve done already and where things are in the process- per device?. OR perhaps someone sent the wrong associated profile to a device, knew it right away and wanted to cancel it, is that possible?

Hello @evoevoevo,

Please check this Help guide link to check logs of staff actions in ITSM:

Please let us know if this fit your needs.

That’s good, now is there any info from thereafter - -such as the result of the action (did the device respond; was it successful or did it have an error, etc) —and is there any way of cancelling a request and/or ‘undoing’ last request?. .

thanks so much for your prompt reply!!..


Hello @evoevoevo,

We do have the following information on how to check the results of an action from the managed devices:

For Comodo Clients and MSI installation state:

For viewing device logs:

Please let us know if the above information has been helpful. Thank you.

You’re the best Anna, thank you!.

Hi Anna,
I’m a lot more familiar with the places to look now for logfiles - -however- there doesn’t seem to be any writing of logs —Specifically for Procedures. I see the action in the Audit logs, but nothing in the device logs (any of them), nor the procedure execution log. I’ve also commented about this in another post -but since this post was directly related to the subject matter I figured it belonged here. . .

Hi @evoevoevo
Don’t you worry. We will update this thread (and the other thread) once your concern has been addressed in the support ticket sent to you.

Thanks. : )