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Good day all,

Is there a report I can generate where it would show the estate of the network e.g. workstation and server hardware information, installed apps including versions, patches.

Any help is greatly appreciated



You can obtain a Hardware Inventory Report by going to ITSM > Dashboard > generate Report > Hardware Inventory Report.
The same thing is not possible at the time for the software, but there is a procedure that can pull that information and it can be executed on all of the devices you require. This can be done by going to Configuration Templates > Procedures > Predefined Procedures > Get Software Inventory.

Please let us know if this is what you are requesting.

Thanks Wyatt,

I tried that hardware report but it gives me EVERYTHING for all the clients, as other posts suggested it would be nice to have a formal report we could send clients showing the infrastructure.

do you want to draw (whatever form you wish), exactly what you want to see in the report pls. (could be a notepad list, hand drawn whatever)…we just want to see what information you want to show your customer, so that we can get it done for you.

I’d like to see an executive month report that can be generate PER CLIENT. That contain:
Table of contents
Section 1 - Overview
Section 3 - Asset Review

  • Breakdown of devices under managent in a graph
  • list of devices in extended life/EOL (XP)
    Section 2 - Patch Management Review
  • Graph containing in on number of machines that are :Patched, have non critical patches and critical patches
    Section 3 - Anti-virus report
  • Graph of percentage of machines with AV installed
  • list of machines that need AV patches
    Section 4 - Backup Report
  • list of devices, whether or not they are backing up andand the last date of successful backup
    Section 5 - Ticket Summary
  • Graph containing open tickets, closed tickets, total tickets
  • list of open tickets
    Section 5- cWatch
  • list of threats, etc.
    Section 6 - Goals for next month
    Section 7 - Subscriptions up for renewal
  • list of devices with warranties that are set to expire

Obviously you won’t have all of this information. It would be nice to have this exported as a word document so that we can manually add things like text for the Overview, Goals, etc. In addition it would be great to be able to export detailed information about each machine into a csv or excel sheet so that we can keep historical data and are able to correlate the data


I like it, thanks Josh! Will put this in in our roadmap

Josh that sounds like a very nice and useful report. in my case I am looking more for the following;

  • Hardware information

    • Manufacturer, Serial No
    • Memory (detail is possible), hard drive size, as well as empty space
    • Installed applications with versions, and updates
    • installed patches as well as missing patches
    • Managed Switches
    • Firewalls
    • Printers

something formatted similar to the “executive antivirus report”

@melih thanks!
@rudym12 understood. I would like a report like that for our internal use. For the owners and C-level and above I’ve found that short and sweet is the way to go. They glaze over in quarterly meetings if you go into too much detail. We use the quarterly meetings as an opportunity to upsell and don’t like to get mired in the details of specific machines. How do you present these to your customers?

Good day all,

any update on an executive report


following up is there a road map for reporting updates/changes in Comodo one?

Hello @Marveltec,

What can you do to make your voice heard is go to our feature request voting page here:

You can use your Comodo One portal log in to access the page.

Thank you.

Hi @Riley_C ,

I have voted as per your suggestion. So is there no reporting enhancements planed at this stage? i feel this is a weakness of Comodo one at the very least the “executive managed report” from the dashboard should include a list of the managed devices as well as their last connect time etc…etc… the info is all available form ITSM so it should be easy to achieve.

Hello @Marveltec,

We have a similar feature request that will be added to our current C1 Report (https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-…0-Reports.html) which is the same
as the sample report attached and currently shows on the road-map for implementation in

For Ticket Reports please visit the link below:
Thank you for your patience.

Hi @Jay ,

ok so its on the road map that is what i was looking for

Hi @Jay - is this report still in the roadmap for this year? The lack of a decent exec summary report for clients is a key barrier to us moving to Comodo RMM at the mo

Hello @James_Systemagic ,

Yes, you are correct.
Please tell us if you want to receive a notification mail for any important update on the said feature (Executive Summary Report added to C1 Reports).
Thank you!

Yes please, can you let me know when this might be in place?

Hello @James_Systemagic ,

It currently shows on the road-map for implementation in
You`ll be receiving a support email shortly for more information regarding the request.

Thank you.

Looking forward to this reporting also.

@libretech ,

We’ll gladly add you to the loop and inform you via support email for any updates concerning the feature.