Expired certificate

Anybody noticed that certificate for Acronis Backup expired 3 days ago? Support is doing nothing about it.

Does the certificate secure a Comodo/Itarian domain or an Acronis domain? I dont use Acronis but typically the owner of the domain name needs to manage the certificate renewals.



We are aware of the issue and the support team is working on resolving the issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ahh, so it is a Comodo domain. Although I don’t use that particular service, it doesn’t instill confidence when a company cant manage something as simple as certificate expirations, especially when the certificate is issued by Comodo itself. It makes you wonder, if stuff like this is getting missed, what other things are being neglected (from a security standpoint). Not trying to be accusatory, just offering some unfiltered criticism.

It’s fixed now for https://eu2-cloudbackup.comodo.com and not for https://cloudbackup.comodo.com, but still no word from support team. I just love when you have to publish to public forums to get things done - even partly in this case. Maybe people from “Comodo/ITarian/Sectigo/Xcitium/who-knows-what” should seek for support from their own clients.


We’re sorry to hear that you’re having a less than stellar experience with your support ticket.

Please feel free to send me your ITarian Support ticket number in a DM, and we’d be happy to look into your ticket status.