Export ticket reports to CSV

So I’ve got some other posts and open tickets on the fairly show stopping shortcomings of ServiceDesk’s ticket reporting, and they are working on it according to some tickets opening (some issues fixed May 6, some May 20) - that’s awesome.

So I thought, “I’ll just export the tickets to CSV, and then manipulate the data in Excel”.

So I go to Admin -> Reports -> Tickets, and just set the date back a month and click Go/Ok/whatever. It generates the report, there are several pages. I select EXPORT TO CSV.

Wouldn’t you know it, the CSV export is JUST THE FIRST PAGE. ???!!!

This is starting to get to head-banging-on-a-wall level of frustration. On one hand I appreciate that this is a largely free product, and I know ServiceDesk is based on osTicket with some addons like Project Management and timesheets, and stuff, and then integrated into the C1/ITSM database. So I really appreciate what’s been done and that fixes are happening fairly quickly.

But it is almost as if there is no QA team checking this at all. Like no basic script of “this is how a customer is going to use this product” and simulate going through all the process a customer is likely to do in their workflow to identify bugs/issues.

@indieserve We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to improve our product. We appreciate all your feedback.

Regarding the issue with Exporting ticket reports to CSV, it will only export the report based on what page you’re in, for example, if you go to page 4 and Export it to CSV, it will only export the page 4. Since you want it to export all the reports to CSV, we will forward it as feature request and will update you via email.

Thanks Cristina, but can you explain what the thinking is behind this? Why would anyone want to export a CSV of a single portion of the report rather than the entire report since a CSV export is essentially only for external data manipulation? This isn’t a feature request, this is a bug fix.

@indieserve We have taken note of your concerns and your questions. We will provide you with an update as soon as we can via email, Thank you for your patience.