Facing issue

Hi , when i see the Token number , token is left for 30 days or 35 days.
Request you to please share application is not working after 30 days or only token
when i install the comodo one on client side copy paste option is not working .Any policy applied

OK, im not from Comodo support but i thought id chime in. The description you have provided doesnt make a huge amount of sense. Id suggest that you raise a support request and send screen shots of your issue.

Hello @rituraj ,

ITSM generates enrollment token for each user and sends them a mail containing enrollment instructions and the token.
Multiple devices can be enrolled with the same token by the user simply responding to the mail from each of their devices.
The validity of the token is 72 hours and a new token should be generated for adding more devices after this period expires.

You can download an installation package containing the agent and the Comodo Client – Security (CCS) software for offline installation if this will help.

Please tell us if we understand your concern correctly or you need further assistance.

@Joners , thank you.

Kind Regards,

@Jay @rituraj if you are referring to enrolling a device to install Comodo Client Communications, the token in the link is valid for 90 days - confirmed by development last week,.