Failures installing CES.

I have a new endpoint managed through the ITarian platform.

The management agent installed fine, and when I try to install CES through the portal, it fails…sort of.

The product installs, and the portal recognizes it, but every time the computer boots up, the “Comodo Security Agent could not be started. Would you like to run diagnostics…blahblah” error message appears.

If I go into services.msc at this point, and try to start the Comodo Security Agent service, it fails immediately, saying it did not respond in a timely fashion.
If I click “Yes” on the diagnostics question box, it runs the checks, and at the end says it found problems it couldn’t fix, but it does manage to start the Security Agent service.

At this point, I can run updates, malware scans, and the like, but both the user interface for CES, and the portal, both say that the network firewall is not functioning properly. Nothing I have tried at this point gets it working. That includes uninstall/reinstall, disabling components and re-enabling, system file check in Windows, filesystem check, etc.etc.

However, if I reboot the endpoint, I’m back to square one. The Security Agent won’t start, do I want to run Diagnostics, clicking yes starts the Agent, but the firewall is still broken.

The Diagnostic log is attached. There’s obviously an error installing the firewall component (cesfw) and the “ceshlp” component. Is “ceshlp” the Security Agent service?

Any ideas on what to try next?

(In the interests of full disclosure, this computer used to have CES installed a few years ago, but it was uninstalled at least partially during a period when I wasn’t managing it. The program directory was still there, with only 2 DLL files in it, along with the Add/Remove entry, if I remember rightly. Sometime in the interim it was infected with GandCrab, but no files were encrypted, so I’m assuming this happened after the GandCrab gang retired. The infection was cleaned and quarantined manually before CES was ever installed this time, and no scans have shown anything else infected.)

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