False OFFLINE alerts

Hi all,

For the last 60 mins almost all of my devices with an offline monitor have been triggered - sending my alert email out and showing as offine on the portal device list BUT they are online when checking as the email arrives using another product to double check

If I check after 5 mins or more they show as online again on the portal and our app.

I can have a HyperV host alert and show offline, but the VM’s are still showing online,

Is there something getting changed or patched on our portal ?

I can see a device “offline” on the portal and in the remote pc app, but can login via anydesk or rdp with no sign of downtime or internet drops.

I have just installed the beta android app but cannot confirm what status they show as yet, its a bit buggy.


Screenshot 2022-08-10 205110.png


Getting multiple alerts from devices one system I’ve had at least 4 seperate “offline” alerts over the last 2 hours.


No issues on the EU platform for us.

Update - system has settled down looks like it was only for a 1 or 2 hour period roughly.
on US server.
For my time zone it was 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm AEST

Hi @mcfproservices,

We have already created a ticket to investigate the issue. We need to get some logs from the affected device, do you want us to analyze this issue or we can close this ticket?

Kind Regards,

That would be an internal ticket?
I have no email with any ticket number or request for logs, but I also never raised one myself, just asked online to see if it was a system wide issue.

I had multiple endpoints false reporting, some just once, others reported several times over the 2 hour window.

It would be nice to know what the issue was as I was forced to double check manually each system to ensure it was or was not actually online, mostly all servers or critical pc/file servers.

But honestly it stoppped and now seems fine.

I would rather the team work on our product base code and get the system “improvments” we requested and what is now been worked on, the mobile app while not quite ready is one I’d rather see operational over finding the random bug that has been a once off issue.

If it repeats then we will raise a new ticket.



Resources will be used right I promise