False positives

I would like to know about the evolution of solving the problem we did consult with the support under the number [#LPU-746-29785].

We were discussing the problems with detection of false positives. The cloud scan service is permanently detecting our accounting and students management software as malicious, which repeats after every update and blocks the access to all teachers, resp. accountants in the school. I am solving such problem every day, I have added the exclusions to all modules and still if the cloud detects the program, it moves it to the list of malicious applications and announces the virus on the device. Currently I have a list of infected devices which I cannot do anything with, because deletion or quarantine of the file is not an option and the software does not let me ignore the detected problem.

As well, I would like to report that I do not receive many notifications about the viruses by e-mail - it only comes sporadically.



Hello @marek.snapka ,

We have contacted you over email regarding the issue reported above.

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It was a repeated process and ut blocked access to all teachers and students in the school. I cannot do anything about it, because our students management software was marked as malicious and moved to the list of malicious applications. It was to be an accounting software to buy personal statement for the teaching assistants and interns too. Currently, I have a list of devices which should perform their functions, but they do not do it. I need to try something else, perhaps. I’m not sure.

Hello @marek.snapka , we had the same issue, when we used jiSchoolERP as a students management software. So eventually, we switched to Fedena School ERP Software. What is the best option to work with Comodo?

@GrantWilson ,

We can recommend reaching out to our support teams for reviewing what does not work when our software is installed
If you are using Comodo One/Dragon Platform you can send an email to c1-support@comodo.com , If you are utilizing the Itarian MSP/ENT platform - support team can be emailed @ support@itarian.com

please provide some details of what occurs when our AV installed.

We also have a false positive site where you can submit a false positive flagging