Fatal Error: Contact system administrator.

We are trying to get into the service desk. We are getting the error in the subject line. The address is https://one.comodo.com/app/#/license…s/service_desk

We are also logging a ticket with support. Anyone else getting this error?

Hi Damon,
I have provided additional information in an email. Thanks for checking into this!

Looks like the issue is back. No one can sign in and get into the Service Desk. Same error as before and like yesterday, the Dashboard is showing blanks for the ticket count.
Thanks for your attention to this.

Hi @thartpence ,

There is still an on-going issue with our Service Desk and development team are already engaged in applying the fix to help resolve the issue. The SD is still intermittent as of the moment and would like advise to check again at a later time. We will, however, provide any updates from our backend team as soon as possible

Is there any update on this? It’s killing our productivity.

Hello @thartpence,

We understand how this issue had caused a delay in your tasks and we might not be able to provide a time frame yet but rest assure that our developers attention is directed on resolving the situation.
We will provide updates as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.