Feature Request - Apply once

I would like to submit a feature request for having procedures apply once and if applied do not apply / run again. Right now when a computer comes online I have my default policy run specific procedures and ended up running them twice a day to make sure that they get ran. I would like to have the option to run once and if the procedure has been applied to not apply it again or only apply when say Comodo updates (releases a new version).


We thank you for sharing us your insight about this request. We’ll gladly forward your inputs to our Product Developers and coordinate with you via support email for the output of their analysis.

@ayhanepik thank you however this only solves half the problem. Yes when the client first connects this will solve the issue of only applying the procedure once. But in my case I have the “Hide Icons” procedure that is scheduled to run twice a day so that when Comodo updates their system and a new client is pushed out, the next time the end user (client) communicates back it hides the Comodo icons. Which is the part of this that does not get solved by the posted solution. It would also just be easier to have the option in one spot instead of having to do this workaround.

Hello @phil.tukey,

We have forwarded your feedback to our development team. We will notify you regarding on the development progress of this case.