Feature Request - Audit Logs

I read in another post you all plan to have audit logs in the Q2/2017 release. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for expanding on this request.

One of the fears I have with RMM tools is breach security. Cloud hosted tools all have one thing in common - single point of all data access. Meaning if someone at Comodo loads some buggy code to the Comodo One interface, we are all screwed! My research in RMM tools did lead me to Comodo One over the others for more than just TCO. It was feature set and the hope that Comodo One being a security company might have better security for their RMM tools over some start-up using a self-configured server with god knows how many security flaws. So… that being said, short of self-hosting the Comodo One tool (which doesn’t seem to be an option for MSPs) an audit log is HUGE!!!

I use a tool provided by LogicNOW-Solarwinds for remote desktop sessions called Screen Connect. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend over teamviewer or logmein. They have a nice option for how to handle audit logs.

While this approach may be a little much, the concept is perfect. It includes: RMM Agent online time, Client Connection Time, Name of Client User.

Basically we are blind with who connects to our RMM sessions at the moment and fearful for our clients - especially when we see the dreaded “Device already in session with another console” message when no one should be connected!!

Hello @michael2 ,

Audit logging is scheduled to be introduced to Comodo One by the end of Q1 2017. We will keep you updated on this matter.

@michael2 - you can view RMM logs from the RMM Administrator Console - right click on a device and select ‘Show History’ it shows you what time an RMM was started which user did the deed and when the session was ended.
I agree though these should be put into the ITSM portal for easy viewing.

To further expand on this again - what would be absolutely fantastic would be if inside these logs (when they are done on ITSM portal) there is a button to export this information to an invoice in the CRM so that the process is literally finish RMM with client and press 1 button to generate an invoice for the work you have just done with the details of the session from the log then just input your rate and bam - client gets an invoice almost instantly.

This obviously wouldn’t work for clients on monthly service contracts where they get remote support free but an option to maybe export the RMM logs for an entire company or a report that shows you how long you have spent on RMM for a company broken down by specific users(computers) for a set number of dates (monthly weekly etc) would be equally great.

Hello @matthell ,

In regards to your last reply to michael@tidewatertechs.com, would you wish for us to create a feature request on the matter ? Do you wish to expand on it or should we add it as it is?