FEATURE REQUEST - Built in URL Shortener when adding devices

OK when you are adding a new device ITSM produces a pretty long URL link for the new device to join. Most of the time I find that I am not logged into the ITSM admin on the device that I want to install it on so I end up either having to write down the URL, copy it across by sight, or copy it onto a USB in a text document. I normally don’t email this as sometimes I don’t have access to my clients email address and I don’t want to be opening up my company emails on their device.

To make this part of the job easier what would be really good is if the URL were also shortened automatically on the page using a URL shortening service like bit.ly to name just one.

This would ease the pain when having to put the url into a new device manually.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @matthell

Would it be helpful if we provide a code (let’s say 6 digit, all numbers) to enter on an easy URL (like www.joincomodo.com), and once you open the link on browser and enter the code on client machine, you would be able to download the package you need?


Hi @Ilker Yes something like that might be simpler. I think this was how it used to be implemented for enrolling RMM at one point so if you have the infrastructure already in place might not be a bad idea to re purpose it.

Yep, if it would work, we will…

the other option which I use sometimes is to download the bulk install package and put it on a USB. Perhaps you set up an on-boarding user/company, save the package and then re-assign the devices in the portal when you are back at your computer. Just remember the packages do expire so you need to download a new one often

often is every 3 months :slight_smile:

It would also useful if a bulk installer could have a temporary pin assigned too.

@nct Could you please give a little bit more details for this idea?

If you’re already discussing the possibility of a short URL for enrolling devices, why not extend the service to allow a bulk installer to be downloaded too?

Hello @nct ,

Your request has been forwarded to the development team and we will keep you informed on our progress.