FEATURE REQUEST - Calendar add an event allow event to be repeated daily, weekly etc

OK in CRM Calendar module you can currently add an event that happens at a specific time of day / all day on a selected day etc.

What I am requesting is that there is an option that allows you to duplicate / repeat this event on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule.
This would help in scheduling follow ups with clients or reminding you to carry out a task on a weekly basis for instance.

The Calendar in Google does this really well if you wanted a pointer / example.

Again many thank in advance!

Hello @matthell ,

CRM Calendar does have a followup option. When you add an Event/To Do, if you go to “Full Form”, there is an option that you can enable called “Hold Follow up on”, and it allows you to schedule a time and date for a followup.

Additionally, once a calendar event is created, if you click on it and go to “More”, you have the option to duplicate the event.

Hi @Matthew
OK thanks for pointing that out. Just trying that now - yes it does allow you to create a follow up but not multiple follow ups all at once. In my example maybe I’d like to follow up with a customer once a month just to chew the fat and see if they have any projects on the go that I can help with. Using the current method I’d have to create a follow up for a month then either go to that entry and arrange another follow up or duplicate it multiple times. If there were an option to create a follow up once every month from this form that would be easier in this example.

It would also be useful for tracking subscriptions (anti virus / office 365) as you could set a reminder monthly or yearly with minimum effort and without having to remember to do the follow up or duplicate routine.


We have forwarded your request for analysis to the R&D team. We will return with any updates available via e-mail.

+1 for “Standard recurring events” and the topic of being able to enter a calendar event for recurring (annual, monthly, etc.) license renewal, SSL certificate renewal and install events, that is super important.

Also, I noticed that using the “Hold follow-up on” part of the full form in repeated event edits will duplicate the follow-up, but the system doesn’t warn you there already is a follow-up scheduled. Picture attached.

Hello @sbizit

Thank you for your input.
We will send you an email regarding this and we will update you as soon as possible.