Feature request: devices

  1. Device tag (and filter with it)
  2. Offline devices - automatically scan devices with ITSM agent (or manual enter devices) to customer’s device list. Like GLPI+Fusion Inventory do

Hello @Sergey ,

Regarding the second request, I’m not sure that I understand the request. What exactly should the ITSM agent scan for? About the first request, we will escalate it to development and keep you updated on the progress.

Every PC have connected devices. Existing some tools providing discovering of these connected devices. One of them - Fusion Inventory. It runs at workstation, gets all PC information (like ITSM do now) and additionally gets info about all connected devices. So we see full info about workstation. We can schedule services not only for workstation, but for printers (for example) too.

Hello @Sergey ,

Thank you for the additional details. I have forwarded them to the appropriate staff and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.