Feature request - Disk Space Monitor

Ran into a fun issue this morning where a data drive was out of space and the monitor for Total disk did not alert me. So that got me thinking… Total disk appears to check all available drives and calculate the total space used as a percentage. This is great if you have ONE drive. And not so great (borderline useless feature) when you have more than one drive - aka most server setups!

The details in ITSM for the device lists each drive with total and available storage. It would be nice to have a new parameter under Policy -> Monitoring -> Condition for “Free Space left on ANY disk” and have it systematically check each disk for the set % or storage value.

on another note, when examining the device details in Patch management it combines all drives as storage without breaking the up. If you all are doing away with Patch Management then disregard this paragraph. The photo below is of a system with 4 drives.

Hello @michael2 ,

Thank you for the request. We have contacted you by email to confirm the escalation and as soon as we have news, we will let you know!

This is a must feature, looking forward to seeing it published


We will send you an email in order to keep you informed on the evolution made with this request.