Feature request: Email field when submitting ticket from communication client


I wanted to try the ‘submit ticket’ option from CC.
But when creating a ticket, the ticket is tied to the owner from a company.

This is not very practical.

I see some posts going back to 2017 with work-arounds of creating a user per endpoint and then assign the user to the endpoint as ‘owner’.

Also this isn’t practical because users with roaming profiles in Windows, are not bound to a certain workstation.
And we don’t want to recreate and maintain a second ‘Active directory’ only to use Service desk, is it?
(I don’t want to maintain and map 200+ usernames only for the ticket system)

Hope there were some improvements made in the mean time.

If not, can you add a ‘name’ and ‘email’ line when submitting a ticket from CC?

If you create a ticket from the online portal there is a line, so it should also be possible from CC.

Better with an option like ‘remind me’ for the last typed emailaddress.

I think the ticket option from CC will improve much more and be more usable for more MSP’s.

Can this be implemented or is there another solution for this problem?

Hello @ailan ,

Thank you for your suggestion. We have added this request on our roadmap and we will work on it in order to provide you this capability as soon as possible.

Best regards,