Feature Request - endpoint Status

It would be great if we could see a list of Comodo products and their current state in the list of endpoints. There are two scenarios here:

  1. if we deployed a bunch of workstations and the RMM may or not be installed there is no way to tell if the RMM piece needs to be installed or not
  2. during a response to a client we can’t tell easily if we are going to need to install/update the RMM on the fly until we wait and see if the RMM tool works

The feature I’m suggesting is just having a few small icons next to the name of each endpoint. The icons can represent, RMM, Endpoint Security, Valkrie or other products. Green means the product is installed, Red means it isn’t installed and yellow means it needs to be updated.


We have forwarded your feature request to our development team and we will let you know once this feature becomes available.
I have also sent you an email to keep better track of your request.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi @easterntech50

We are working on new and better RMM functionality inside the ITSM product. I believe you are already enjoying new monitors, scripts and remote desktop. We keep improving these and will also add the remote interaction tools that we have on old RMM plug-in.

Once we all agree these functions implemented better in ITSM than old RMM plug-in, we will retire the old RMM plug-in and functionality. That is why, instead of investing on tighter integration with it, we want to finish this fine tuning and superior feature implementation on ITSM.

I believe we already covered the Security client status (CCS) on that dashboard. Please let me know if you see anything missing.

Best regards,