Feature request - equipment monitoring

Maybe this is already possible, but is can we configure something in ITSM or RMM that will monitor (maybe a python script? that runs every few minutes) the status of devices on the client’s local network. For example, monitor toner levels via SNMP of a printer (I know most printers you can configure email alerts, this is just an example) or alert if a Linux web/application server is possibly down (pull a small object by HTTP) and then open a ticket if it is down? That would be really great.

Hello @indieserve

Thank you for the feedback. We will forward the Feature requests and we will get back to you as soon as we have any updates.

Hi @indieserve ,

Some of these would be possible with SNMP monitoring and offline device monitoring which we have on roadmap, some of them might be possible right away with scripting.

Please let us know if you need help writing script for a specific need.