Feature Request Forum versus Vote for Feature

Although Comodo do not publish a roadmap - which we would all love to see, while completely understanding that timings are always subject to review and revision - we need ONE place where we can see all feature requests. Currently, we have to search both this forum and the Vote for Feature Topics section to see if a feature has already been requested. 52 topics in this forum (possible duplications, I haven’t double-checked), whereas there are 43 in the voting section.

I think it would be better if this were to be all kept under the Voting system as the limit on the number of votes one can place forces one to give priority to those features deemed most desired/critical.

Hello @amcssit,

We do have an ongoing feature for the “C1 Roadmap to be made Public”. We will add you in the email update for this feature and keep you posted via this forum page as well.

Your suggestion is great to have the feature all kept under the voting system. In this way, the user will just need to search the mentioned page. We are also checking the Feature Request for the new suggestion and also update our customers with the request. We know that some user especially the new one is not aware with the Vote for Feature site and some of the feature mentioned under Vote for Features also link to the Feature Request. We also make sure that there is no duplicate/conflict feature and also check who are the users interested in a certain feature. Thank you