Feature Request - Have a Windows 10 Profile section like an MDM Profile

It would be great to have a Windows 10 Profile section similar to some of the MDM Profile sections to keep EP configurations in line with standard image builds even after W10 updates (so the Feature/Native Restrictions section may need to be updated by the developers when new W10 versions are released in the spring and fall).

Our list of standard options that we set if not based on a standard image, are listed below (in no particular order and off the top of my head) and I’m sure other forum members would have items they would like to see in the list of configurable features.

  • Set power scheme
  • Set Recovery options - such as small mini dump, etc.
  • Set Performance - Visual effects options
  • Disable/Enable and set restore point options
  • Disable/Enable Pre-fetch
  • Disable/Enable Superfetch
  • Disable/Enable AppReadiness
  • Set Recycle bin options/limits
  • Set Default Region/Language/Time and keyboard - download language pack if required - and Administrative copy of the same.
  • Require password on screen unlock, Require Ctrl-Alt-Del to sign-in, Do not show previous user name on sign-in
  • Update settings options, such as maintenance window times, turn off local deployment of updates, set bandwidth throttling for update downloads
  • Set Storage/Storage Sense options
  • Set Clipboard history option
  • Set the Privacy options
  • Set the Personalization options, including setting CCC and CCS to show icon always
  • Apps and App Settings, for example: Uninstall (for All users) W10 Apps, 3rd Party Apps and OEM Apps; list of MS/3rd Party Apps to install by default; Set default Apps; Set set Start-up Apps options

Hi @amcssit ,

We will forward a request to our Developers to possibly have these features included and we will also send you an email for updates. Thank you.

Great idea!

Most of these settings are done via GPO (Group Policy Objects).

I know many companies have servers and bits, but not all do and having the ability to deploy these settings via EM would be amazing!

@Jordan_C Any update on this?

@amcssit ,

Our Product Management Team has not yet announced a final timeline implementation on features aforementioned above. We’ll request an update and provide you feedback soon.