Feature Request - Improvements to the Run Procedure Pop-Up window

Firstly, could the ‘Selected device(s)’ box be made to either accept a pasted list of EPs, or have the option to import a text file? Although there are lots of filtering options available in EM to then select EPs to run procedures against, we still have a number of criteria that we can’t filter for and which we end up with quite a number of EPs that we then have to enter manually in the Selected device(s) list.

Worse is when we want to run several procedures manually against the same sub-set of EPs. Each time, we have to re-key in the devices.

Secondly, Parametric procedures were a great addition to the scripting options - thank you for listening! To make them EVEN better, could the Run Procedure window list the parameters, both the defaults and then the specified ones?

So, first pop-up of the Run window would show the default parameters, so one could just hit Run if the defaults were appropriate.
After setting the parameters, returning to the Run pop-up would show what had been set before one hits the Run button.

Hi @amcssit ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We will have the team look into this as a feature request and we will also send you an email for any update.